Our Vision

"To survey and communicate the scope and need of the refugee crisis, as well as opportunities and existing fields of service, to the Anabaptist people and communities of North America."



Our Purpose

     LIVE began in late 2016 for the sole purpose of making the needs of the refugee crisis known to the Anabaptist churches in North America. LIVE strives to help network with churches and organizations in order to see needs met on the field.


     LIVE team is a non-profit Anabaptist project under the leadership of the board of our projects in Iraq. Merle Weaver is the chairman of the LIVE committee, co-governing with a three person leadership team and a committee of advisors.


     LIVE sends four person teams to areas where there are noticeable numbers of displaced people. We volunteer, interview people, and find stories to effectively communicate the reality and needs on the ground. We establish local contacts and document where opportunities lie to start new projects or provide aid. We raise awareness through our media outlets.