Volunteer Opportunities

Below are listed some of the organizations we recommend who have great service opportunities.


Camp S, Iraq

Camp S is a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. In this camp there are a lot of women that have been returned from ISIS. Here the team is working with these women, providing them with much needed aftercare. If you would like to volunteer, please request an application.

I58 Site

I58, Greece

I58 Refugee Relief on Lesvos Island in Greece works in various positions in Moria Refugee Camp. The camp is overcrowded. You may work on the family level, or work with housing or clothing.


LIVE Team, Serbia

In the future, we would like to start taking teams to work in Serbia. One of the LIVE Team members plans to go back long term to start initiating that. If you would like to volunteer, please request an application.


Operation Mobilization, Serbia

In Serbia, Operation Mobilization runs the tea tent in Camp Advesci near Sid, Serbia. They also are in charge of camp laundry. They take teams of four people at a time. To find more information, go to http://www.omusa.org/.

LIVE Team-1 5 17-0001.jpg

Town M, Jordan

Here is a town full to overflowing with Syrian refugees. From the rooftop, you can look across into Syria. Here you can pretty much teach any class you may want to offer. You can come with a team, or individually. It is a local group that also has a school and does distributions and home visits. For information on how to volunteer, please contact us.


Village S, Iraq

Village S is a small village in Northern Iraq. Here is a team of Anabaptists faithfully teaching the younger generation of Kurdish children. They hold English classes and sometimes music or sewing classes. You can volunteer for short term when there is a need, six months, a year, or longer. Please request an application.


Zalal Life Society

Zalal Life Society is based in Duhok but reaches out throughout Iraq. They have different programs, including a three month English course, a medical bus, a warehouse (lots of sorting!) and they do distributions in many of the camps in the region. To check if they need volunteers, contact them through their website.