The biggest needs in Lebanon are for medical expenses for the refugees and lodging. Refugees are not allowed to work legally. They often do work for half pay which causes a lot of unemployment for the Lebanese people. The Evangelical church is reaching out to Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Every Tuesday and Thursday they do food distribution for several hundred families. They also distribute cleaning supplies and some heaters and blankets. The people are served tea and coffee while they wait. There are free gifts of Books for the people to take if they wish. They also follow up distributions with home visits every week. Sometimes they help needy families with rent and medical. They have branches in Erbil and Aleppo. The director has been involved in refugee work for many years. They help 2,500 people. They welcome people to their church if they wish and offer transportation. They partner with NGOs like Samaritan’s Purse and other churches.

     While in Beirut, we also visited the Life Center. This church holds a variety of services for several different people groups. Life Center supports 120 families. Each week they give out $60 food tickets. They hold discipleship classes. They also run a school for children at high risk.