Giving opportunities

Below we've listed organizations and projects we recommend supporting. You can visit their websites to learn more about them and find ways to help.


Village S, Iraq

Teams of English teachers are committed to bringing a peaceful, Anabaptist response to the refugee crisis caused by ISIS.

(Select “teaching English in Iraq.”)


Camp S, Iraq

The LIVE Team was able to visit this camp in early 2017 and make some connections. There is now an Anabaptis operation there to reach out to the women freed from ISIS captivity.

(Select “Trafficked Ladies Who Escaped ISIS Captivity”)


CAM, Middle East

CAM is involved in providing relief to people who are affected by conflict across the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria.

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Hands of Hope Foundation International, Iraq

HOHFI is a non-profit organization helping handicapped children in one of the largest camps in Kurdistan. It offers schooling for the children as well as support for the families. They also distribute some food and toys.

Donate to “Kurdistan Handicapped Program.” (do not select the “Middle East,” as that is an altogether different program.)

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Alliance Church, Jordan

This church provides a refugee center, school, distributions, home visits, and soccer programs for refugees.

i58 site

i58 Refugee Relief, Greece

i58 is an Anabaptist nonprofit organization assisting refugees on Lesbos Island, Greece. Their mission is to reach out to those who have been forced to flee due to the ongoing war across Syria and other parts of the world.


Operation Mobilization, Serbia

One of our teams volunteered in Camp Adesevsi in Serbia with this organization. They served tea in the tea tent, and were in charge of camp laundry. It is a great opportunity to build relationships with the refugees living in this camp.


Zalal Life Society, Iraq

Zalal Life is a movement born in Iraq to bless hurting peoples through emergency relief, development projects that change lives in the long-run, and a Hope that can forever transform the Middle East.